Attinghausen, 04. October 2016

It’s official, we have been certified as an EMP prove datacenter!

DELTALIS – One of the few Certified Electromagnetic Pulse Protected Datacenters

We live in times of instability and uncertainty with increasing threats and risks for our privacy and businesses.  As attacks and threats are getting more sophisticated, modern Datacenters have to face the challenge to be always ahead in security and to provide a protected environment for their customers.

There is no denying that cyberattacks represent the No. 1 threat to governments, companies and individuals around the world. Experts are predicting that we will spend trillions globally to counter this danger.

However, there is another threat to IT infrastructure that demands attention. This threat is an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that could lead to extended blackouts for millions of individuals and businesses. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article called “The Threat We’re Not Ready For, an EMP from a solar storm or a nuclear device could be catastrophic. Worse yet, we’re nowhere near prepared for it, although the dangers have been known for years.”

EMP attacks are getting more attention in the datacenter industry, particularly because of concerns about potential terrorist sponsored attacks. For example, a simple EMP gun can be constructed from a microwave and instructions how to do this can be found on the internet.

“At Deltalis, our main concern is to protect our customer’s IT infrastructure and data”, Frank Harzheim, CEO of Deltalis. “After obtaining major certifications, such as ISO27001 or Eurocloud amongst others, it is our target to provide peace of mind that our clients can focus on their core businesses without worrying about any security aspects”.

In fact not many datacenters were built to protect sensitive IT devices and customer data against the possibility of an electromagnetic pulse attack.

Frank Harzheim further explains: “Many underground datacenters promote themselves as EMP-resistant – however it is important to note that being underground does not automatically mean that the facility is immune to the effects of an EMP attack. To be truly protected, datacenters must undergo rigorous structural planning, testing and certification procedures.”

After extensive testing, the Deltalis Datacenter Facility has obtained an EMP protection certification, in compliance with the requirements of tempest IT-Rooms (BSI TL-003304). Furthermore it is certified that the Deltalis Datacenter is highly protected against EMP/HPM Threats. The requirements have been or proven with a shielding effectiveness measurement according to standard IEEE 299.

The testing and certification was performed by EMShield GmbH, one of the leading expert companies in the field of planning and project implementation of electromagnetically shielded room.


About EMP:

An EMP (electromagnetic pulse) is a sudden burst of high-energy electromagnetic radiation which can be generated by solar storms, high-altitude nuclear blasts or specific EMP devices. The damaging current and extremely high voltage surges can result in the complete destruction of data processing and storage systems.


About EMShield

EMshield focusses on architectural shielding technology and is a subsidiary enterprise of the Albatross Projects GmbH, a leading manufacturer of medical and industrial shielding in the world. The EMshield services go far beyond the planning and project implementation of electromagnetically shielded room. With EMshield customes will receive detailed feasibility studies, interpretations and assessment of their needs.

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About Deltalis

DELTALIS operates its hyper secure Datacentre deep inside a Swiss mountain in an environment that was made to protect. Where the Swiss military built one if it’s primary control and command centres, data and systems now find the ultimate in security and stability. Alongside physical security DELTALIS benefits from 100% renewable energy produced in local Hydro-Electric generation facilities and has 700 cubic metres of mountain water for primary cooling. This provides an environmentally friendly location that is also able to scale to the increasing demand for power density in Datacentres.

The DELTALIS proposition is further enhanced with a multilayer security concept, full redundancy and a strong IP and IX connectivity from international carriers. In its 10.000 m2 facility, DELTALIS provides the highest degree of flexibility and scalability in Datacentre services, from rack space in open colocation areas to hundreds of square meters of space in dedicated suites. Our clients benefit from an ISO27001 certified Datacentre that has been built to the highest of specifications and using industry leading vendors and suppliers. For more details on Deltalis, visit