Modular and Scalable Datacenter Services

From rack space in open colocation areas to hundreds of square meters of space in dedicated suites, DELTALIS provides the highest degree of flexibility and scalability in Datacenter services.
Our clients benefit from a datacenter facility that has been built to the highest of specifications and using industry leading vendors and suppliers.
The increasing power requirements of today’s technology, make high-power density configurations become critical for many businesses.
With our modern datacenter and its natural advantages DELTALIS is able to support these requirements now and in the future.

Rack Housing - Colocation

Our standard unit of Datacenter service, the rack, is a space in our Datacenter for client equipment. Clients can choose from standard rack offerings or can elect to use racks of their choosing. We can provide full, half and quarter racks.
1/4 Rack : Our smallest rack unit. Individually locked and with redundant power feed. Ideal for customers that want their own exclusive space for small IT configurations.
1/2 Rack : Space consisting of half rack with individual lock. Ideal for customers that want their own exclusive space for small IT configurations.
Full Rack : Full rack, with 46 U. Redundant A&B Feed 32A/230V measured at PDF.

Dedicated Rackspace

Separated and lockable area for the customer, e.g. a cage, which is still inside a shared colocation area. Can be equipped with all available security measures and equipment.

Private Suites and Data-rooms

For larger clients or clients with specific security requirements, dedicated data rooms and suites can be seen as a Datacenter inside a Datacenter giving privacy, extra security and a bespoke workspace.
Private suites are also available at selected locations providing a tailor made area that is fully enclosed with solid walls.

White Space

For clients with larger requirements DELTALIS can offer white space, this comprises of raised floor space within the DELTALIS facility within which clients can install their own Datacenter setup. The unit of measurement for white space is square meters.

Security and Access

In addition to the main security and access control systems in the facility DELTALIS can provide customized security solutions for individual client requirements. This can include badge readers, intrusion detection, cctv, alarms, biometrics etc.
Security is in the very DNA of DELTALIS and we are ready to take on even the most stringent security requirements from our clients.

Multilayer Access Control System

  • Supervision of all entrance zones on the complete terrain including the outdoor area
  • Electronic access control of all doors, including office buildings
  • Video camera surveillance for the complete facility, including outdoor and inside the Datacenter facility
  • Several layers of access security guarantee only authorized persons to access the different parts of the DELTALIS area
  • Access is based on personalized profiles combined with biometric data processing
  • Separate entrance zones for persons and material

Security driven Processes

Not only state-of-the-art security systems help significantly to increase the security of a Datacenter. The processes and procedures to run and maintain a Datacenter are also key factors for its security.
System downtime may be unavoidable, but planning and training of the staff can help restore operations sooner and mitigate the impact on most organizations.
At DELTALIS we are aware that human error is still one of the biggest cause of downtime in Datacenters. Therefore all our processes and procedures are defined to be efficient and to ensure the safe and secure operation of our facility.
These procedures start with the selection of the right people and their continuous training, and go to all supporting operational processes such as ticketing or access control, amongst others.

Fire Detection and Suppression

  • 7/24 Fire detection and suppression
  • Fire safe doors in different zones and compartments
  • Highly sensitive sensors continually monitoring air quality, which can identify very small smoke particles
  • Suppression system using Inergen to ensure less damage as possible for technical devices and human beings
  • Installation of fire resistant material

Power, Energy and Cooling

A stable and economical power supply is one of the most important factors for a Datacenter location, considering that a vast portion of operational costs are spent on electricity.
Electricity costs in Switzerland are very competitive when compared to many other European countries. At the same time canton Uri, home to the DELTALIS Datacenter, produces its own hydro-electricity deep inside the Swiss Alps thus securing our independence from international energy markets and politics.


All Electricity generated by 100% renewable energy sources. DELTALIS proudly carries the URstrom 100% Waterpower certificate.

Flexible power and cooling service

  • Mountain water reservoirs and ambient temperatures provide natural cooling
  • Locally produced hydro-electric power from multiple stations provides energy supply and price stability – 100% Green Energy
  • Standard rack density of 3kVA
  • Premium racks up to 6kVA
  • Rack densities greater than 6kVA available on request

Remote Hands and Eyes - 24/7 Surveillance

There will be times when the Client requires technical expert support on an emergency basis. The industry standard intervention time is typically up to four hours, which can be a long wait for business-critical IT systems.
Through DELTALIS “Remote Hands& Eyes” services, the client can notify members of our expert team to undertake work for them – with a fast response time.
From diagnosis to completion the client is kept informed at all times, and action is only be taken upon his/her instruction. All activity is recorded and reported for compliance purposes.
The technical support team operates 24x7 and can also be booked to provide basic technical support for tasks such as tape-change, reboot, power cycling and cabling patching. We also provide a premium service for the installation and update of operating systems, so that even the initial installation can be done by the client remotely.

IP and Connectivity Services

DELTALIS has redundant fiber infrastructure into the main peering points in Zurich. Over this network we provide point-to-point connectivity services for both clients and carriers into the DELTALIS facility.
Being located right on one of EUROPE’S main backbone routes (Zurich-Milan) provides access to many international operators and as a carrier neutral location there is a selection of international and national operators inside DELTALIS providing direct IP and connectivity services to our clients.

Fiber Connectivity

With our fiber infrastructure using DWDM technology, Deltalis provides redundant Layer1 point-to-point connectivity with a standard of 1Gbps. More capacity available upon request.

IP Services

Being a carrier independant DC provider, the customer will have the freedom to chose any ISP to provide IP services or have Deltalis providing IP Services using our full redundant and managed BPG platform.
Deltalis will assist the customer to select and engage with the ISP if requested.

Cross Connects

Enables our clients to connect with each other, with customers or with suppliers over our meet-me-room via fibre or copper cable.

Remote Workspace and Storage

Deltalis customers inside our facility have everything to be able to work efficiently, for this purpose we can provide remote workspaces and storage rooms.

Secure remote workspaces

DELTALIS is an ideal location for business continuity infrastructure, the stability of power supply, security of the facility and independence of Switzerland all provide unrivalled security. To complement the business continuity infrastructure we can provide secure remote workspaces which are a key part of any business continuity or disaster recovery plan. These workspaces can also be connected with private suites and rooms.

Storage rooms and boxes

DELTALIS also provides storage services for spare parts, tools etc. This can be from a secure storage box to a private storage room, also with customized security access if required.

Spare-part service

We provide a store of tools and common supplies (racking, cabling etc) to help our clients when installing or maintaining their equipment.

Remote Out-Of-Band-Management

With Remote and Out-of-Band-Management, IT administrators can sit at a single console and control local and remote servers, network Datacenter devices, and mobile, power and environmental appliances. Remote office appliances provide complete remote device control so you can manage your remote offices without leaving yours to ensure remote offices and their Datacenters stay up and running 24/7, whether they have on-site IT personnel or not.
By providing best-in-class technology, DELTALIS enables its clients to remotely monitor, access and manage any of their IT devices in the Datacenter from anywhere and in full security.
The Out-of-Band-Management solution delivers remote access and control even when our client’sproduction network is down.
Our client’s technical staff need to keep equipment at remote sites up and running without having to go on-site to handle outages. Work that necessarily has to be done on-site, e.g. HW failures that require local intervention, can be performed by the DELTALIS expert support team.
The result is a drastic reduction in the need for expensive on-site technical visits and rapid problem resolution.

Deltalis Contact Point

The Deltalis Contact Point provides a direct communication channel and platform with our customers.
This includes a comprehensive ticketing system, a customer portal and customer specific reporting.

Bespoke Services

Come and discuss any service requests, we will listen.
Listening to our clients and understanding their needs is our main interest.
One of the key elements of the Deltalis proposition is our flexible and customised approach to services.
We work with our clients over time as their requirements evolve and apply these evolving requirements to provide transparency and predictability.
With the aim to continuously improve our performance and hence our client’s satisfaction.
Flexibility is our Strength. Security is our Value.

Premium Services

Catering Service: Planning a meeting with your staff or your customers in our premises? We are going to be happy to put together a variation of catering offers.
Pick Up service for our customers: Do you arrive by public transportation? We can organize a pick up from the airport or train station for you .
Lodging Service: Do you have a lot to do in our area and want to stay overnight ? We can recommend a hotel nearby and also help booking a room there for you .