As a Hyper secure Datacenter in the middle of Europe DELTALIS is an ideal location to provide secure cloud services. Companies today understand the value and benefits of using flexible and on-demand cloud infrastructure, however there are increasing concerns about where data in the cloud is actually stored. By using the DELTALIS cloud platform our clients can secure both their own management as well as their clients on the location and security of their cloud infrastructure. Our cloud services include on-demand compute resource, Infrastructure as service (IaaS), data storage and managed backup.

Cloud compute and IaaS: Our high-performance infrastructure is based on industry leading technology and provides the flexibility for modern IT infrastructure. Whether basic compute resource or a virtual Datacenter (IaaS) DELTALIS delivers the flexibility and security to meet our client’s requirements.

Cloud storage (STaaS): Simple to use, fully automated and encrypted the DELTALIS STaaS service provides world class security for your data.

Cloud backup: Our Managed Backup Service automates the saving of data in our secure and redundant infrastructure. As well as automatic backup, our Network Operations Center monitors and manages your backup history. All data is encrypted in storage and during transfer.


DELTALIS is an unrivalled location for business continuity and backup services. The natural advantages of the DELTALIS location with regards to its physical security and stability combined with the security and stability provided by the Swiss territory. DELTALIS has complete flexibility around both, compute and office space combined with customised security solutions. We can provide a complete turnkey solution or simply the environment to host your business continuity infrastructure.

All DELTALIS infrastructure (including access control, cameras etc) is available in an “as a Service” model, to provide the peace of mind from a managed service with a monthly fee structure. If you need more than just the space, DELTALIS can provide the hardware, software, and support to deliver a complete end to end Disaster Recovery Service. From initial architecture to servers, storage, network, virtualization, backup, and service desk, we can provide all aspects of DRaaS.


  • Flexible Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Solutions delivered through DELTALIS
  • Hardware based solutions from Dell, HP, EMC, NetApp, IBM, and others
  • SystemCenter, vCloud/vSphere, OpenStack Solutions Tape backup management and storage


  • Business Continuity facility planning support
  • IT Staffing locations and support for implementation
  • Service Desk support to implement, test, and run BC/DR solutions
  • Flexible facility to fit the requirements of almost any BC/DR plan