Great Products To Consider if You’re Starting a Supplement Business


The supplement market is a great industry to get into, so if you’re thinking about starting a supplement company—good idea! With rising awareness of wellness in Western society, the customers are ripe for picking. This is true whether you’re selling dietary supplements to promote weight loss, better sleep, or minimize water retention. Actually, 77 percent of Americans reported that they take some kind of supplement in 2019, and that number is expected to, unbelievably, keep growing.

So, what kind of dietary supplement should you be selling? Potassium, magnesium, calcium, and other vitamins and minerals? Capsules or softgels that lower blood pressure or aid kidney health? For some great product ideas in the realm of supplements, keep reading.

Water retention is more common and treatable than you may think.

It may not come as too much of a surprise to discover that Americans are consuming too much sodium and too many carbohydrates, on average. With that being said, did you know that too much sodium and carbs can lead to water retention, which is very bad for the kidneys? Water weight is also known as edema, and it happens when your water retention isn’t proportionate to the amount of body you’re meant to have in your body. Adult humans should be approximately 50-60 percent water weight, but if you aren’t drinking enough water or are consuming a lot of sodium and carbs, you may experience swelling due to excess fluid.

Seeing as fluid retention is very common, using a natural diuretic for edema is also common. If you want to reach out to a wide customer base, starting with a diuretic is a great idea. People will be relieved when their edema and swelling goes down and will recommend your diuretic to others who experience fluid retention as well. Since that’s most people, that’s a smart business choice.

Health starts at the cellular level.

Your cells naturally renew themselves on a regular basis, during a process called autophagy. However, although autophagy is completely natural, it doesn’t at the same rates for everyone. A slower process of autophagy means that your cellular renewal isn’t up to speed, which can have all kinds of adverse results and cause unpleasant medical conditions.

Cleansing your cells of waste material slows the cellular aging process, and being able to do so by taking a softgel is something of a scientific breakthrough. For example, products like spermidineLIFE can kick-start the process of cellular renewal the same way intermittent fasting does, but without the fasting part. Having a unique product like this, based on scientific findings, of course, is a good idea because you’ll corner a niche market with ease.

Don’t stop at softgels and capsules—think about antioxidant teas, too.

Sure, softgels, tablets, and capsules are great—but why stop there? Think about packaging health in the form of teas as well. Drinking dandelion, ginger, or lemon tea has plenty of health benefits. Plus, both lemon and dandelion teas have tasty flavors as well. While there are plenty of tea distributors and manufacturers out there, you can stand out by adding unique flavors to your formulations. Ever had watermelon tea or tea that tastes like cranberry juice or beets? These custom formulations are a great idea for any up-and-coming supplement business to provide.

Quality is crucial for any tablet or softgel manufacturer.

Whatever products you end up with, make sure to vet the tablet or softgel manufacturers thoroughly. You should only work with a softgel manufacturer who can ensure full compliance with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. Even if you’re selling something as harmless as Vitamin C, the last thing any business owner needs is someone getting sick or experiencing a bad side effect after taking a softgel of their creation. A truly great softgel manufacturer will work with you on packaging product development as well, to make sure that every single item that leaves their site is completely compliant with FDA regulations and says so right there on the custom-designed package.

Be clear that your supplements are not medicines.

You’re in this business to help the human body, but you’re not a pharmacist, nor should you claim to be one. Consumers should always check in with a doctor before taking a dietary supplement, and you need to be clear about that on your packaging. Sure, the labels you print should be attractive and feature the active ingredients and the purity of the extracts you’re using.

That’s not all though—you need to be clear about possible side effects and provide a disclaimer about consulting a professional pharmacist or medical doctor before taking a single tablet. So, the last “product” that any supplement business owner should have is a lawyer that they can count on to word these sorts of disclaimers.

Whether you’re taking fish oil pills or water pills, getting into the supplement business is a great idea. Consider these products and tips, and it won’t be a long time before you are helping people across the United States feel their best.