Webinar: Data - Protecting the 'New Gold' (45 mins)

December 18, 2017: 12pm EST / 9am PST / 6pm CEST

In a fast growing digital economy and a rapidly changing world, the need for data and system security has increased dramatically. Known for decades as a place to securely store financial assets, Switzerland is now becoming the preferred location for financial infrastructure and safekeeping valuable data. …

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DELTALIS – One of the few Certified Electromagnetic Pulse Protected Datacenters

Attinghausen, 04. October 2016

We live in times of instability and uncertainty with increasing threats and risks for our privacy and businesses.  As attacks and threats are getting more sophisticated, modern Datacenters have to face the challenge to be always ahead in security and to provide a protected environment for their customers.

There is no denying that cyberattacks represent the No. 1 threat to governments, companies and individuals around the world. Experts are predicting that we will spend trillions globally to counter this danger.

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DELTALIS gets 100% green!

From now on we provide our customers a stable and economic power supply. This is one of the most important factors for a Datacenter location, considering that…

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Deltalis accredited as EuroCloud 4* and 5* Approved Datacenter- the most secure environment for Cloud Computing

2015-02-18 00:00:00

This certification proves the ability of DELTALIS to have created the most secure environment for Cloud Computing…

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Deltalis is one of the founding members of VIGISWISS

Geneva/Attinghausen: 9 February 2016

VIGISWISS® Swiss Data Center Association is the first certified network of Swiss data storage and protection…

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Deltalis joins asut

Smart networks for smart Switzerland ASUT is the Swiss telecommunication association with more than 400

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INSIDE DELTALIS welcomes ALPEIN Software SWISS AG as a new partner

Attinghausen: 01.02.2016

Secure systems need strong partners.
For this reason ALPEIN Software SWISS AG

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Further projects are being realised INSIDE DELTALIS.

Geneva/Attinghausen: 22.02.2016

Deltalis SA is very proud to have been chosen as the location for Exoscale’s continued expansion

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Goodbye Switzerland - Hello CeBIT!

Geneva/Attinghausen: 22.02.2016

In the Swiss Pavilion Hall 6, Stand D30, we will tell you more about the advantages to choose DELTALIS as your hypersecure location and find out

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spaïxx gmbh launches new Cloud solutions in DELTALIS’ data center

Geneva/Attinghausen: 22.02.2016

We gladly support and advise you in choosing the best cloud product for your business. Together we analyse your time and cost savings gained from

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Deltalis achieves ISO 27001 Certification

Attinghausen: 22.12.2015

We are pleased to announce that after a considerable amount of work, Deltalis has achieved ISO 27001 Certification

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Deltalis awarded with „BEST OF“ IT Innovation Price in the category Cloud Computing

Mannheim/Attinghausen: 09.03.2016

The Deltalis hyper secure Datacenter has been awarded by the Initiative Mittelstand (SME)

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Deltalis Portal Launch myDCP!

Attinghausen: 22.09.2016

We are happy to announce that our customer portal “Deltalis Contact Point” (DCP) was launched on Monday the 12th of September.  “Deltalis Contact Point” provides our customers with a communication platform that allows to get first-hand information on technical, administrational and many other topics.

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Brexit UK: An opportunity to question the experts on current thinking regarding the way ahead

London, November 2016

Deltalis sponsored a very interesting and productive event organized by the British Swiss Chamber of Commerce in London. This was held at 6pm on Tuesday 22nd November in The Central Hall, Westminster, London on the impacts of Brexit and General Data Protection Regulation on businesses.

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DELTALIS at Gitex 2016 in Dubai !!!

Dubai, 10.10.2016

After of our successful participation at GITEX last year, DELTALIS has the pleasure to be again part of the Swiss Pavillion, presenting our Hyper Secure Datacenter in Switzerland, the recently ranked 3rd most attractive country and location for Datacenters worldwide.

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Deltalis SA, welcomes our new customer Openfactory INSIDE DELTALIS

Attinghausen, 18. October 2016


Deltalis have been joined by another highly secure professional managed service provider called Openfactory. They are happy to have joined the INSIDE DELTALIS community and have demonstrated their passion for delivering exceptionate services to other clients. Because of this they are already experiencing the benefits of rapid growth by being part of our community

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Deltalis SA. Switzerland, the newest Member of IDC-G

London: 24.05.2016

LONDON, 24th May 2016, International Data Centre Group (IDC-G), the first global data centre alliance, announces today that Deltalis SA, based in Switzerland has joined its alliance network.

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Hosting Provider RUVDS and Huawei deploy cloud infrastructure in Switzerland

Attinghausen, January 2017

Russian hosting provider RUVDS has built a fully private environment with the support of Huawei in the DELTALIS high security datacenter in Attinghausen, deep inside the Swiss mountains. This environment is designed to provide highly secure VPS (Virtual private servers) or VDS (Virtual dedicated servers) on a rental basis. Huawei supplied cutting-edge telecommunications equipment as well as engineering solutions in order to deliver a fully virtualised environment.

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RETN launches a unique new PoP at DELTALIS

Frankfurt, DE and Attinghausen, CH – 9th February 2017

Establishing this new PoP is part of RETN’s strategy to extend its network reach in the DACH region. The first steps in this strategy were made in 2016 with the launch of Stuttgart-Zurich DWDM route and now the new PoP at DELTALIS is the result of RETN’s ongoing penetration into the Swiss market. DELTALIS also brings one of the world’s most secure Datacenters onto RETN’s network with features such as full EMP protection.

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DELTALIS at CeBIT 2017 in Hannover!!!

Hannover, March 2017

DELTALIS is attending CeBIT for the third time as part of the Swiss pavilion, from the 20-24 March 2017 in Hannover. We would love to meet you so please send us an email to info@deltalis.com, request a free pass and then come and visit us in Hall 6, Stand E30!

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Switzerland - The secure home for Data and Systems in a Post-Brexit World

London, Embassy of Switzerland, 4th May 2017

Brexit, a rapidly changing political and regulatory environment, the increasing sophistication of cyber- threats and fast emerging technologies such as Blockchain are creating a challenging environment for businesses.

In this event three experts will explore the main threats to corporate data and systems; cyber-security, physical threats to Datacenters and the evolving regulatory environment (GDPR) and explain the value of Switzerland in addressing these threats.

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DELTALIS SA & VERTIV at the SIGS Technology Conference

Switzerland, May 2017

Converting an ex-military bunker in the Swiss mountains into a hyper secure datacenter, we did it: Frank Harzheim, CEO of DELTALIS & Ronny Schnüriger from VERTIV will present this fascinating story at the SIGS Technology Conference in Zurich from 16 to 17 May.


Would be great to see you there!

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Switzerland - the secure home for data and systems in a post brexit world

London, 4th May 2017

We were very pleasantly surprised by the great attendance to our data security event last Thursday 4th May 2017 at the Swiss Embassy in London.

On behalf of everyone at DELTALIS we would like to thank you for attending the event and very much look forward to seeing you at a future event!

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Joint forum covering security across the cloud solution stack

Moscow, 31st May 2017

RUVDS, a Russian hosting provider, together with the following technology partners; Huawei, the world's leading provider of info communication solutions and , Kaspersky Lab, one of the world's largest private security companies held a joint event dedicated to the security of cloud solutions for business.

The international forum "Joint security across the cloud solution stack”" was held on May 31 at the Ararat Park Hyatt hotel in Moscow, gathering the largest players of the IAAS segment in the Russian IT market and also companies from Switzerland, Germany and China.

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DELTALIS: securing mountains of data

Attinghausen, July 2017

Frank Harzheim, CEO of Deltalis, explains how a very young company entered the data centre industry as an unknown and made an incredible impact, with unique features that make it a powerful contender





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Exclusive interview with DELTALIS in Business Review Europe

Attinghausen, July 2017

Business Review Europe speaks to Frank Harzheim, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of DELTALIS – a Swiss data centre company with a twist. The company’s Uri facility is nestled deep within a mountain and runs in an area which boasts an abundance of wind energy. As a result, more energy is produced than Deltalis can use, and thanks to its location, the servers are kept cool from within the mountain thanks to a cool water system.

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DELTALIS growth update

Attinghausen, July 2017

DELTALIS is pleased to announce the delivery of our latest data room which includes two fully customised private suites based on specific client requirements.


Although the space is limited due to initial customer demand we are keen to hear from anyone interested in co-locating in one Europe’s most secure, stable and green Datacenters.


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Mehr Sicherheit durch Technik – aber ohne den Menschen geht es nicht

Zollikofen, 31. August 2017

51. Member-Apéro

Thema: Mehr Sicherheit durch Technik – aber ohne den Menschen geht es nicht

Datum: 31. August 2017, 17:00 bis 19:00 Uhr

Ort: Swiss Securitas Group, Alpenstrasse 20, 3052 Zollikofen

Einladung zum 51. Member-Apéro der asut


Frank Harzheim, CEO von DELTALIS SA hält eine Präsentation zum Thema Datensicherung: Die Relevanz von physischer Sicherheit bei der Standortwahl

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DCIM & GDPR Profis im sichersten Rechenzentrum der Schweiz

Attinghausen, 14. September 2017

Sind Sie bereit für das neue EU-Datenschutzgesetz #GDPR? Werfen Sie einen Blick in das Deltalis Rechenzentrum am 14. September 2017 und erfahren Sie von unserem Gastredner @TimHickman mehr über #GDPR. Melden Sie sich jetzt an:

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Huawei Alltron BBQ update at DELTALIS SA

Attinghausen, 31.08.2017

In the past Alltron has welcomed their partners to their Breakfast Updates at Mägenwil but this time it was the first summer BBQ update, hosted together with Huawei. In addition to an interesting and detailed business update, we had the opportunity to provide a tour around our hyper secure Datacenter.

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blue.project CRM

Attinghausen, 26th September 2017

DELTALIS announces the implementation of our new CRM solution replacing our former system Salesforce. With the decision to migrate our customer data to blue.project, a product from Swiss based walkingtoyou, we react on our client’s demand to have an end-to-end swiss located solution, keeping our customer data in our own Datacenter in Switzerland.  Blue.project is a locally hosted solution inside the DELTALIS Datacenter, one of the safest places on the planet for data.

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The underrated physical threat – Datacenters for Cryptocurrency

October 3, 2017

Traditionally finance and security go hand-in-hand, the image of a bank vault is one of the most commonly used to convey a sense of security and safety. The arrival of cryptocurrencies means that transactions are moving from traditional banking infrastructure into the public datacenter. Traditional currencies are of course held in highly secure vaults however how much cryptocurrency is held in truly secure datacenters? The cyber threat is something well understood and reported, however as cryptocurrencies rise how significant is the physical threat to the datacenter where the cryptocurrency is held?

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EINLADUNG: Eröffnung des DELTALIS Innovation Lab am 14. November 2017

Attinghausen, November 2017

Die Energiekosten für die Kühlung dauerhaft senken, die Packungsdichte der Hardware steigern und den vorhandenen Raum effizienter nutzen: Diese bemerkenswerten Maßstäbe setzt das neue DELTALIS Innovation Lab in Attinghausen/ Schweiz. Der Rechenzentrumsbetreiber DELTALIS, dehmel 2phIC technologies als Spezialist für die Rechenzentrumsplanung und Initiator des Innovation Lab sowie 3M mit den Novec High-Tech Flüssigkeiten haben ihre Kompetenzen gebündelt, um ein vollkommen neues Niveau bei der IT-Kühlung zu erzielen.

Zur Eröffnung dieses wegweisenden Pilotprojektes laden wir Sie herzlich ein!

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INVITATION: Opening of the DELTALIS Innovation Lab on the 14th November 2017

Attinghausen, November 2017

Continual reductions in Energy costs for cooling, increasing hardware racking densities and using DC floorspace more efficiently. These are the benchmarks set for the new DELTALIS Innovation Lab in Attinghausen / Schweiz. The DELTALIS datacentre, dehmel 2phIC technologies, a specialist in datacentre planning and initiator of the Innovation Lab and 3M with their Novec high-tech fluid have combined their capabilities in order to achieve a new level in IT cooling

To celebrate the opening of this pilot project we would like to invite you to the DELTALIS innovation lab!

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DELTALIS Innovation Lab eröffnet: Hocheffizientes Wärmemanagement mit 3M Novec High-Tech Flüssigkeit

Attinghausen 14.11.2017

Sicherheit stellt naturgemäß die wichtigste Anforderung dar, die Rechenzentren zu erfüllen haben. Doch für einen wirtschaftlichen Betrieb kommt es ebenso darauf an, Ressourcen und Kapazitäten so effizient wie möglich zu nutzen. Das DELTALIS Innovation Lab in der Schweiz, das am 14. November 2017 offiziell eröffnet wurde, setzt in dieser Hinsicht neue Maßstäbe. Die drei Partner DELTALIS als Betreiber, dehmel 2phIC technologies als Spezialist für die Rechenzentrumsplanung und Initiator des Innovation Lab sowie 3M mit den Novec High-Tech Flüssigkeiten haben für das Projekt ihre jeweiligen Kompetenzen gebündelt. Das Resultat sind wegweisende, neue Technologien für eine effizientere Kühlung.

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Webinar: Data - Protecting the 'New Gold' (45 mins)

December 18, 2017: 12pm EST / 9am PST / 6pm CEST

In a fast growing digital economy and a rapidly changing world, the need for data and system security has increased dramatically. Known for decades as a place to securely store financial assets, Switzerland is now becoming the preferred location for financial infrastructure and safekeeping valuable data.

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