How To Spruce Up Your Office Building Inside and Out


There are plenty of things you can do to spruce up your office, big and small. The first step will be deciding what your budget is because that will determine what you’re able to get done. Once you have a solid budget, you can work with an interior designer and general contractor to see what you can change and accomplish, given your budget. There will be elements you can spruce up both inside and outside the office to create a new look and feel.

Here are four ideas to help you spruce up your office.

1. Create a new design.


You can spruce up the building by creating a new design with an alternative building material like civil precast concrete. Precast concrete is easy to install and creates an entirely new look that can be worked into nearly any design. If you are expanding your office or creating new spaces, you can use precast concrete walls and precast concrete elements that will give the office a modern, industrial look and feel.

If you are expanding, you can make the office more usable for everyone. The expansion can include a more significant break room or cafeteria, a private area for nursing mothers to pump, and a larger receptionist area for visitors to relax while they wait. You can add outdoor space for employees to gather for meals or conversation before or after work. If you have the space, you can also put a walking trail around the property for employees to use during their breaks for some physical activity, fresh air, and sunshine.

2. Refresh the furniture, doors, and windows.


New furniture, doors, and windows can completely change the look and feel of your office. You can work with a designer to pick out the type of stuff you want to ensure your office is comfortable and inviting to visitors. You can then work with wholesalers like Banner Solutions to get all the needed products to update the building, such as a keyed entry knob, additional locks to direct where people go, electronic access control, or other security products. When looking at your budget, start with the changes that are needed, like enhanced security, and then work on the changes that are wanted.

3. Go green.


You can go green with plants. Many research studies have shown that plants in the office create a calming and more productive atmosphere. You can incorporate live plants and greenery into your interior design, making the office an oasis of calm. Using plants as a central part of your design will soften the precast concrete elements, making them warmer and inviting. Plants can also soften and hide the needed security features so visitors and employees don’t feel like they are being monitored or locked in. Plants throughout the office will also improve the air quality inside the building.

4. Revamp the signage.


The first thing people will see as they pull up to your office is the signage out front letting them know they are at the right place. The signage should be representative of the business and simple. When a sign includes too many design elements, it can be challenging to read from a passing car on the road. The name of the business should be large, bold, and easy to read.

Sprucing up the office is a great way to show business growth and show your employees appreciation by providing them with an enjoyable space to work. Changes can be made to make the office more visually appealing to visitors and customers. Even if you are working with a small redesign budget, you can take steps to make massive improvements.