Tips for Keeping Any Home Running Smoothly


An Apartment Guide survey from 2019 found that, in the United States, roughly 66 percent of people find a dirty home stressful. Let’s be honest, with the COVID-19 pandemic, this last year has been stressful enough. It could be time to take the first step towards getting your home running smoother.

Keeping a home running smoothly is no easy task, especially when there’s always the dilemma of disagreements amongst housemates about what counts as “running smoothly.” Check out the following tips to find new ways to get your home in order.

Hire movers.

If you’re getting ready to move, hiring a mover in Maryland is a great way to reduce the hassle and the stress of the moving process. By hiring the expert movers at 495 Movers, you can trust that your belongings are in the hands of team members with the experience and excellent customer service skills to keep all Maryland movers satisfied. With years of experience, there’s no need to worry about these movers getting scratches on your prized possessions or not properly tying down refrigerators during relocation. Here, you’re sure to get the best moving service for Maryland movers.

WebMD notes how studies suggest that a cluttered home increases stress levels (particularly in women), makes it harder to focus, and creates more opportunities for allergies and household injuries. Therefore, instead of going to Home Depot for copious amounts of storage containers that will just end up in your attic for years to come, start your life in your new home clutter-free by taking advantage of this moving company’s access to storage units and “junk removal” services.

Whether it’s a local move or a long-distance move, the movers at 495 Movers have got your back for any distance and size of the move. Check out their website to get a free quote for move day.

Ensure the air conditioning is running smoothly.

There’s not a lot worse than realizing on the first hot summer day that the air conditioning is running less than optimally. Luckily, by getting your ducted air conditioning checked out (or getting a whole new central air system installed) through the Air Conditioning Advisory Center, you can enjoy air conditioning on your budget with energy efficiency. These ducted air experts will either ensure your existing ducted air system is in good condition or install a whole new duct system for you. Since ducted air puts the indoor unit either under the floor or in the ceiling, or as an outdoor unit upon insulation, their ducted air is one of the quietest air conditioners you can get.

Plus, with flexible ducting, the air conditioner experts at Air Conditioning Advisory Center can help you create a custom plan based on your ductwork needs. Whether you need existing air ducts cleaned and maintained or want to invest in a whole new air conditioner system for your home, for all your ductwork needs, check out Air Conditioning Advisory Center to get a quote today.

Have a space primarily for grownups.

Let’s be honest — everyone needs an escape from their fellow occupants from time to time. Whether it’s the living room, an office, or the master bedroom, it’s important to have a room that’s always tidy and stress-free (i.e., child-free) to unwind. Decorating these areas with floor plants can greatly enhance your mental health and reduce some of the mental strain caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. A Psychology Today article from 2019 discussed a study that found that people who surround themselves with plant life (both inside and outside) had lower levels of stress and depression, better memory, higher productivity and creativity, and even higher levels of intellect and self-esteem.

By investing in small houseplants or larger floor plants from Lively Roots, you can liven up any room with ease. Especially considering that each of these houseplants has information about what type of sunlight required (bright light, medium light, or low light), how much water they require, whether it’s pet friendly, and what type of humidity it thrives in. Whether you’re looking for floor plants such as a ZZ plant, the glossy leaves of snake plants, or an indoor tree, or you’re looking for tabletop houseplants such as succulents, orchids, or a rubber tree plant, you’ll find the perfect floor plants and houseplants for any room here.

Make time for yourself.

Whether it’s making time to get coffee with a friend every couple of weeks, signing up for a yoga class, or revamping your sex life in a long-term relationship, it’s vital to make time for yourself in order to properly care for a household. Quality intimacy and good sex are not only good for romantic relationships (especially amongst spouses), but a good sex life has been shown to improve your health as well. According to Everyday Health, regular orgasms have been linked to better cardiovascular health, better sleep, regulating the menstrual cycle, strengthening the pelvic floor, and helping reduce pain.

If you and your partner have been struggling with your sex lives and want to have great sex, consider evaluating your intimacy, focusing on more foreplay, and/or trying new things. A new thing such as taking the time for romance by lighting candles, going on a second honeymoon, trying a new vibrator, playing out a fantasy, and/or being open about other kinks you’d like to explore can all aid in good sex. Is sexual desire and libido an issue? Then consider supplements to increase libido and arousal. If all else fails, take the time to see a sex therapist for help with your sex drive and/or to get tips on better techniques for oral sex, intercourse, and other forms of stimulation to have the best sex possible.

Make time to eat together.

Has it been a long time since everyone in the house ate a meal together? It’s no secret that eating together creates stronger relationships and an article in The New York Times notes how this is especially true for children. According to the article, “decades of research” have shown that children who regularly have dinner as a family are more likely to eat fruits and vegetables, have higher self-esteem, are less likely to have behavior and eating disorders, are less likely to suffer from depression or substance abuse, have lower rates of obesity, and have better grades.

The article notes that these positive results aren’t found solely in dinners. Studies suggest that if families are eating at least three meals a week together, there is likely to be positive trends. The most benefits are found in families that eat five to seven meals together a week (breakfast, lunch, and dinner all count). Mealtime is a great time to address issues around the home such as chores that need doing, negative feelings towards each other, and keeping in touch so scheduling issues are less likely to arise. Having meals together forces the family unit to spend time together resolving conflicts and encourages everyone to unwind and have a great time together.