Top 3 Digital Marketing Agencies in California


Running a business can be complicated because there are so many different areas you need to focus on simultaneously to keep your business running smoothly and thriving. Successful business owners understand the need to outsource tasks that they are not experts to individuals and companies that are experts. Knowing that time is valuable, outsourcing the tasks that will take an extraordinary amount of time will save you money and frustration in the long run. The job will be accomplished faster and will be done better when you rely on experts for their expertise.

Marketing is one of the tasks that many business owners attempt to do on their own when there is a vast array of companies that can do it infinitely better in a fraction of the time. Too often, people think marketing is as simple as setting up a Facebook page or paying for a couple of newspaper ads. However, marketing agencies understand the finer details and how to spend your marketing dollars best to get the most significant impact based on your target audience and geographic area.

Here are three of the best marketing agencies in California.

Nettra Media. This Fresno Digital Marketing Agency is your complete answer to all your company’s marketing needs. They will work with you to develop a strategy that includes all areas of marketing from digital to print and even guerilla market for those companies looking for creative ways to engage with customers and grow brand awareness. You start with a consultation, which will allow them to learn about your company and what the marketing goals are as you see them. Your consultant will be able to provide suggestions based on having a better understanding of the needs that you may not have thought of previously.

They can work with companies regardless of the products or services they provide or whether they are a physical or online business. Their expertise is in all areas due to their years of experience in marketing. For example, Simple Canvas Prints provides an affordable online printing solution for people that are weighed down with digital images they do not want to lose or are looking for an inexpensive and personalized gift. Their marketing needs are vast due to the broad appeal of their services as well as the competition. While they may offer superior products, there are a lot of companies online that offer custom printing. Their marketing needs include educating potential customers on why their products are superior to their competitors.

Brandtastic. This company has a long-standing history with three offices in California and one in Texas. They specialize in digital marketing, which includes website development and social media strategies. They provide consultations to determine your exact needs and will work with you to create a digital marketing plan based on your specific needs as a company. They can work with you as much or as little as you want. For example, if you need help creating a marketing strategy, but you want to execute the plan internally, you can do that. However, if you want them to do everything for you to ensure perfect execution, you can do that.

454 Creative. 454 Creative is based in Orange County and specializes in working with existing companies looking to expand or rebrand. Once you have an image or brand created, it can be challenging to rebrand your company. People may hold on to the previous image they already have of you, which can make it difficult. Rebranding goes beyond the normal scope of marketing because it includes unique challenges. Working with a company experienced in rebranding will help the process run more effectively and with less aggravation.