Top Software Tools for Retail Performance and Security


In terms of general competition, the retail industry is about as saturated as a market can get. If you want to succeed, you need to take advantage of your competition. That’s why brands often rely on software to increase visibility, prevent malware exposure, and address customer queries.

With the right tools, such as a DNS platform or an inventory reporting application, you can grow your brand and expand your operations. If you’re looking for a deployment that can benefit your brand, here’s what you need to know.


Based in Atlanta, Securd has made themselves known in the IT world as the best of their kind. Because Securd is a cloud-based security brand for any organization, it comes with DNS filtering and secure protection for end-users from hostile Internet threats. Securd is also known for its secure web gateway service, preventing attackers from compromising your business from cheap, disposable Internat threats. This software is perfect for helping retailers and suppliers with ongoing tech support. In less than five minutes, Securd easily deploys information and quickly detects cyber threats that can compromise user data.

With the increase of phishing scams and malicious pop-ups ads, Securd provides flexible management for organizations seeking to ease their online presence and improve customer journeys. In hindsight, the long-term use of Securd mitigates cyber risks, making it a reliable tech support team worth investing in. A Securd DNS firewall provides security features that give you actionable threat intelligence. It’s a DNS service that can help you address the threat landscape surrounding your digital retail operations.

Enhanced Retailing Solutions (ERS)

Another innovative tool, Enhanced Retailing Solutions, or ERS, helps retailers and suppliers with inventory, production forecasting, and an overview report of sales. Every retailer wants to have plenty of options when it comes to finding tools that can help them succeed. The brand (found at empowers retailers and administrators to improve their decision-making abilities with affordable software. With a POS integration protocol, it’s easier to adjust inventory levels and production in near real-time.

This can benefit your workstations and work alongside your cloud infrastructure security solutions to protect any data vulnerabilities. Retail sales and inventory tools are incredibly beneficial for any small business and the right vendor can help your brand grow.

Website Builders


Even if you don’t currently have the capital to fund a web browser application or a custom-build site, some affordable website builders make it easier than ever to create a serviceable eCommerce page. All you need to do is secure the right domain name. With ongoing innovation and drag-and-drop website creation, setting up an appealing website has a much smaller barrier to entry. Different service providers even offer upgrades that include secure access to your domain name, protection against various types of threats, and subscriber bonuses.

It’s also a good idea to invest in a security certificate for your website. This helps prospective customers distinguish you from malicious websites and can provide unrivaled security value. A smart network boundary can even protect you against some hackers and malware. A strong website can make a big difference for your retail operations, especially with a reduction in brick-and-mortar sales due to the ongoing pandemic.

A combination of tools works best.

Of course, there’s rarely such innovation that could be considered a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, every tool has specialties and it’s important to find a suite of programs that integrates well. With the right level of software integration, it’s easier for your brand to continue on a growth trajectory. Whether you’re enhancing your security against phishing scams, building a website, or looking for insights from your POS data, the right retail tools can make a major difference.