Your Guide to Developing an Effective Nonprofit


Nonprofit organizations are an essential part of our society. They often serve causes that don’t receive adequate attention or funding and serve underserved communities. Even though running a nonprofit organization is different from running a business, it isn’t any easier. In fact, it might even be more complicated to run a nonprofit than a for-profit company.

Misconceptions about the laws governing how to run a nonprofit abound. The scary part is that getting it wrong could not only cost you your organization but your reputation and even your freedom as well. Additionally, in all of your making sure you stay on the right side of the law, you still have to raise funds and live up to the mission of your organization. The charities that last the longest and do the most good are the ones who are able to walk the fine line between being a charitable organization and at the same time, maintaining a business-like structure. Continue reading to get some tips to help you to build an effective nonprofit organization from the ground up.

Even though you’re not out for profits, you have to think like a businessperson.

Even though making money isn’t the primary goal of your organization, you still need to approach building your brand with an entrepreneur’s mindset. When you think about it, you already have shown entrepreneurial instincts by starting a nonprofit.

The most successful businesses don’t simply provide the best products or services in their industries‚Äîthey solve problems. For example, Netflix solved the problem for people who didn’t like having to go to a video store to rent the latest movies and made it so you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Attentiveness and problem solving are two characteristics that almost all great entrepreneurs and community leaders have. You’ve shown your awareness of the world around you by recognizing an issue in your community that doesn’t get enough attention or funding. You’ve shown you’re a problem solver by launching an organization to fill the void in your community. Another trait of entrepreneurs is they’re willing to spend capital to help their brands grow, and you would do well to follow that example.

You can’t just rely on people hearing about your organization and pouring out their pocketbooks to you. The first thing you need to do is look for people with skills you don’t have‚Äîpeople who know more than you‚Äîand solicit their help. Part of having an entrepreneur’s mindset is knowing how to rally people around your cause and getting them to work synergetically toward a goal. That means you need to be as adamant about attracting talent as you are about attracting funds.

You need an enterprise infrastructure capable of meeting your needs.

Don’t underestimate the impact that the right technology can have on your efforts towards building an exceptional nonprofit organization. It’s not only the wave of the future, technology is the heartbeat that fuels our society today, so putting together a capable enterprise infrastructure is essential to your organization’s success. One of the best platforms available for nonprofit organizations is the peer-to-peer fundraising tool Engaging Networks.

It’s easy to get disheartened when you’re trying to raise funds for your cause and attract team members to help you, which is why this software solution exists. With Engaging Networks, it’s easy to create webpages for fundraisers and share them on your social networks to gain support. It even helps your supporters to create individual and team fundraising pages that they can share to get their family and friends involved. You already have a lot on your plate, so you might as well allow technology to help you as much as possible.

You’ll get more donations if you develop marketing and sales campaigns instead of just fundraising.

One of the things that hinder many grassroots movements is that they never develop any momentum. It’s great to want to help your community, but that costs money. You can only do it out of your own pocket for so long before you find yourself in need of charity, and the problem with fundraisers is that they’re so prevalent that people get tired of them. You may have a pretty smile, doe eyes, and cute, lush lashes, but you’re not a Girl Scout anymore. Smiling and batting your eyes won’t be enough to get people to donate to your cause. If you’re having trouble garnering attention for your nonprofit, it might be time for you to put on your marketing hat.

The best way to draw interest in what you’re doing is to give people an opportunity to see the impact you’re having on the people you serve. Surely, you record your events, so try creating a short video ad for social media, using clips showing you and your team members in action helping people. You don’t even need to solicit donations as part of your ad. You just want people to see your organization making a difference in other people’s lives and want to get involved for themselves. Put a link below your ad that people can click to visit your site. People you attract to your site through your ad will be more likely to donate.

Another way to generate donations is to offer incentives to your supporters. Many charities give away small accessories, clothing, and even swag bags to their biggest donors. For more tips on how to diversify your growth strategy and increase your brand’s online presence, visit

You need a base of operations.

One thing many people underestimate when they start their own nonprofit organizations is the importance of having a headquarters for your organization. Having a base of operations makes your charity seem more legitimate to potential donors because many will look up your address. It also will give you and your team a greater sense of pride in your organization and your mission.

In the beginning, it probably won’t be feasible to purchase or even rent the space you’ll need for your nonprofit, but don’t let that hurdle slow you down. If you have an office in your home or space that can be converted into one, then you already have the space you need for the moment. If you need ideas on how to decorate a home office to suit your needs, you can get some great ones online at