Stability when running a Datacenter operation or any other business is a key factor for success. Switzerland's international reputation as a politically, economically and socially stable country is outstanding. Not being a member of the EU, our long established neutrality is fiercely preserved making us independent of any other jurisdiction. Switzerland has

among the lowest unionization rates in Europe since disputes are usually settled by arbitration. Swiss labor laws allow for a variety of flexibility as long as they are based on mutual respect and fairness. This principle introduced to avoid heavy regulation of the national economy is the historical reason for Switzerland's extraordinarily low rate of industrial action.


Switzerland has some of the strictest personal and corporate data privacy laws in the world making it a highly suitable place for sensitive data storage. Companies concerned about keeping their data safe from prying governments and other institutions are turning to Swiss data centers that have the security of national laws to protect information. The Swiss data protection law guarantees the protection of the private sphere for data processing

carried out by persons in Switzerland. Data stored on Swiss soil is further safeguarded by the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act and Ordinance to the Swiss FDPA, which gives judges the discretion to restrict data access without substantial evidence of a crime. Add productive, skilled workers, advantageous tax rates and low environmental risk, and you can understand why the world has long kept its valuables under lock and key in Switzerland.


Switzerland is a multi-language country. Although English is not one of the official languages of Switzerland, it is widely spoken and is the language of preference for business transactions. In Switzerland, customers can be billed not only in Swiss Francs but in any currency. This makes Switzerland very attractive to global companies who are often wary of hosting outside of their territory due to language barriers.


Advantageous and sustainable tax conditions are key to the attractiveness of Switzerland as an investment location. In matters of taxation, federal regulations extend mainly to customs duties, valueadded tax, and a federal income tax. Although tax rates vary from canton to canton, Switzerland has among the lowest income and social-security tax rates in Europe (for example VAT 8%). Tough bank secrecy laws – based on a deep-seated respect for privacy – are only one of the reasons behind the strength of Switzerland's financial industry. The country's political neutrality, economic stability, and rule of law are all key factors.